It would seem that virtually overnight, every international transportation provider has been miraculously, transformed into a logistical expert. This trend has been driven by the desire to take advantage of the latest industry catch phrase, while completely ignoring the requirements of the customer. The priority of Global is to add value to every component of the supply-chain on a global scale, and not merely repackage our core activities under the "logistics" name.

Global Logistics, a division of Global, is committed to developing long-term partnerships with our customers by providing solutions to their supply-chain re-engineering. This entails complete physical and informational flow management from factory floor - through Global value-added storage and distribution facilities - including final delivery to your customer.

We recognize our customer's need to streamline and reduce the number of costly supplier and service provider interfaces; to reduce overall inventory carrying costs; and to improve customer service through shortened lead times. Contact us and learn how we can assist with your unique logistical requirements, and how Global Logistics coupled with the combined collective resources of our strategic alliances, is exclusively poised to provide seamless floor-to-floor solutions.